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The Faculty of Architecture and History of Art

 Alan  Baldwin
Chief Custodian
Phone: 07917 535716
Faculty Assistant
Postgraduate Administrative Assistant
01223 (3)32959
Art History Librarian
01223 332953/332967
MDes Course Administrator
Faculty Computer Officer
01223 332973/07879 116900
Digital Service Curatorial Co-ordinator
01223 332957
Head of the Department of History of Art
Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art
Fellow in History of Art, Trinity College
Director of Studies at Trinity College
01223 332980 (dept.) or 765132 (Trinity office)
Chief Secretary for History of Art
Tel: 44(0)1223332975
 Neil   Mayo
Chief Accounts Clerk
01223 332952
 Adam  Menuge
Director of Mst Building History
Programme Coordinator (Undergraduate)
01223 (7)60113
Senior Library Assistant
01223 332953/332967
Faculty Receptionist/ Clerical Assistant
01223 332950
Digital Fabrication Technician
01223 332962
Head of the Department of Architecture
Professor of Architecture (1970)
Director of the forthcoming Cambridge Urban Room
Director of Studies for Darwin College
 Clive   Tubb
Workshop Supervisor
01223 332956
Faculty Manager's Assistant
01223 332966
Architecture Librarian
01223 332953/332967