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The Faculty of Architecture and History of Art


A Visiting Scholar will already be engaged in academic research at another higher education institution. He or she will be employed by the institution and will most probably already have a PhD, and a history of publications. He or she may already have an association with Cambridge, or would like to establish one, and wishes to come here to further a research interest in which the Department and University have expertise, experience, material and resources.  

Visiting Scholars must be formally invited to Cambridge by an academic member of either the Department of Architecture or the Department of History of Art, who is willing to act as their ‘sponsor’ during the visit.


Visits are either:

Short Stay – up to 3 months (inclusive)

Long Stay – over 3 months


We shall require:

  • A completed application form – available here.
  • A detailed research proposal.
  • A covering letter which explains specifically why the applicant wishes to come to Cambridge University to pursue the particular area of research.
  • A letter of support from the Cambridge sponsor, which explains how s/he knows the applicant and how s/he will be working with them.
  • An academic CV.
  • A transcript and certificate for the highest level of academic qualification obtained.
  • Some form of demonstration of proficiency in the English Language
  • Confirmation of who will pay the fee.
  • Details of the type of visa the applicant will be applying for or already holds.



£720 per term

£2000 per year


Access to resources:

Visiting Scholars will have:

  • Access to Faculty Library
  • Access to all University Libraries
  • Permission to attend Department-level Lectures with the prior agreement of the course director.

 Visiting Scholars on a longer visit (four months + ) may also be provided with a:

  • RAVEN Password to access University online systems
  • University Access Card

If a Visiting Scholar has a University Card s/he will be able to visit the Colleges free of charge during term



Accomodation and living expenses:

The Departments are unable to offer accommodation and Visiting Scholars are responsible for finding their own place to live during their visit. The University has an Accommodation Service which may be able to provide some advice and assistance (see It is strongly advised that every Visiting Scholar has their accommodation arranged before arriving in Cambridge.


Immigration/ Visa requirements:

All non-UK nationals must ensure they have the correct immigration permission for their approved visiting period at the University.  The Department does not cover visa costs.

A Visiting Scholar who comes to Cambridge for private research for personal purposes will need a Visitor Visa, Academic Category, see Visit the UK as a Standard Visitor: Visit as an academic - GOV.UK (

See also:


Application deadlines:

All applications will be considered by the Architecture and History of Art Faculty Board at its second meeting each term, which takes place in week 8 at the end of term.  Applications cannot be considered until all supporting documentation is available.  

Target deadlines are:

Michaelmas:  14th November

Lent: 20th February

Easter: 28th May


Applications that miss the deadline will be considered by the Faculty Board at the end of the following term.

We suggest applicants allow at least four months before the proposed start date of the visit.