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The Faculty of Architecture and History of Art


Visiting Scholars

The Faculty of Architecture and History of Art welcomes applications from international scholars - from postdoctoral to more established visiting fellows - to spend time in the Faculty as visiting scholars and interact at the heart of this research environment. Normally visiting scholars will spend from one week to a full academic year in Cambridge.


Applicants need to be sponsored by a member of academic staff in the Faculty and will normally be attached to an Institute of Higher Learning in their home country. In most cases Visiting Scholars will be at a minimum of post-doctorate level or a more advanced level. Research undertaken during the visit will be connected to some aspect of research being carried out in or of particular interest to the Faculty.

Application process:

In the first instance, prospective applicants should contact their potential sponsor directly (for details, see and

Some discussion with the sponsor may be necessary and sufficient time should be allowed for this. If the member of academic staff agrees to act as a sponsor, the following application procedure will be used:

The application should include the following:

  • A letter containing the current post, home institution or employer and address, as well as the proposed dates for the visit.
  • A one page research outline explaining aims and how the work will relate to the research activities;
  • An academic Curriculum Vitae.

In preparing the material, the sponsor should be consulted and ultimately approve it. Once it has been approved by the sponsor, the applicant should send it to the Research Office ( where it will then be submitted to the Faculty Research Committee for consideration. The Research Committee meets once a term.

Should an application be successful, the applicant will then be contacted by the Research Office Secretary with instructions to confirm the visit. The number of enquiries and applications far exceeds the number of scholars the Faculty can accommodate.

Please note there are a limited number of places for each academic year.


Visiting Scholars will normally be charged a bench fee of £600 (plus VAT if applicable) per term for the privilege of holding a Visiting Scholar status. This does not include accommodation or living costs.


Visiting scholars typically hold a PhD degree and are employed by a higher education institution or research centre. They have a significant publication record and have already gained an international reputation in their field. Visiting Scholars are expected to be fluent in the English language.  The faculty recognises two categories of visiting scholars and researchers:

  • Visiting Scholars – either short stay (up to three months) or longer stay (over three months)
  • Researchers subcontracted on research grants in the Faculty


Most foreign (Non-EU) visiting scholars will need to obtain a visa to pursue their research at the University. Applicants should advise the Research Secretary/ Sponsor whether they will need to apply for a Visa. Charges for issuing Certificate of Sponsorship for a Tier 5 Visa will also apply.

Confidentiality Notice – Visiting Scholars

The Faculty of Architecture and History of Art uses your personal information to enable you to assist with your application to be a Visiting Scholar and with your visit if your application is successful.

Your name and contact details will be held on the Faculty of Architecture and History of Art in secure digital and hard copy files, and will be circulated to appropriate governance committees and staff for consideration. Unsuccessful applicants details will be held on file for two years and successful applicants details for seven years for. Committee minutes and papers are held for five years plus the year the Committee was held in, and then considered as part of the archival process of the University.

For more information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please see

Prior to the Visit commencing:

Visiting Scholars will need to source and pay for their own accommodation for the duration of their stay, as well as apply for any Visas that are required. Successful applicants will also need to apply for permission from their own institute of higher learning for leave to attend. In addition, prior to the beginning of the Visiting Scholar’s stay the individual will need to agree to the Faculty's terms and conditions for the duration of the stay. An official letter will be issued.

For more information about University support for newcomers and visiting scholars please visit: