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Faculty Board

The duties and powers of Faculty Boards are set out in University Statutes and Ordinances

The current membership of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Architecture & History of Art is:

  • Prof. François Penz; Head of Dept. of Architecture (Chair)
  • Dr R. Polly Blakesley, Head of Dept. of History of Art
  • Vacancy
  • Prof. Koen Steemers
  • Prof. Caroline van Eck
  • Dame Polly Courtice
  • Ms Mary Ann Steane
  • Dr Emily So
  • Dr Maximilian Sternberg
  • Dr Ying Jin
  • Dr Donal Cooper
  • Dr Minna Sunikka-Blank
  • Dr James Campbell
  • Dr Alexander Marr
  • The Director of Kettle's Yard
  • The Director of the Hamilton Kerr Institute

[class (f) – student members]

  • Ms Rebecca Woodward
  • Mr Aman Sahota
  • Mr Alessandro Rubin

 Faculty Board and Degree Committee meeting dates:

  • 30 January 2018
  • 13 March 2018
  • 22 May 2018
  • 3 July 2018
  • 9 October 2018
  • 13 November 2018 (including Annual Meeting of the Faculty)
  • 22 January 2019
  • 12 March 2019
  • 21 May 2019
  • 2 July 2019

A number of other bodies are established as committees of the Faculty Board: Research Committee; Resources Committee; Library Committee.

The Faculty’s Degree Committee has a number of formal responsibilities under Statutes and Ordinances, Chapter 6, including recommending the admission of Graduate Students, making arrangements for the supervision of their work and determining the award of the MPhil Degree and certain other qualifications, and recommending to the Board of Graduate Studies the award (or otherwise) of the PhD Degree. The constitution of the Degree Committee is the same as that of the Faculty Board without junior members.

Faculty Appointments Committee

  • The Vice-Chancellor's Deputy, Prof. Geoffrey Ward, Chair
  • The Head of Department to which the office is assigned, ex officio
  • Dr F. Hernandez; Dr E. So; Dr M. Sunikka-Blank
  • Prof. A. Bennison; Prof. M. Millett, Head of the School of Arts and Humanities