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The Faculty of Architecture and History of Art


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IT Facilities

The IT facilities available to staff and students of the Faculty are managed by the Faculty Computer Officer, Stan Finney. If you have any specific questions, please contact him via one of the methods detailed below.

Telephone: 01223 332973

University Mobile: 07879 116900 (Extn. 51900)


Students and staff have access to a range of IT resources within the Faculty. The Faculty’s own network is connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN), which allows access to the local University Intranet and the Internet. This provides 1Gbit  connections to all “wired” desktop/laptop computers and, in addition, the Faculty operates it's own wireless network (AHAWPA2) that covers the whole of Scroope Terrace and the History of Art Graduate Centre at 4A Trumpington Street.

Servers and File Storage

A number of file servers provide in excess of  9Terabytes of data storage space. These servers also provide for centralised administration of backups, user accounts, printing and the network monitoring, application servers as well as the faculty’s web servers.


  • Wired Network operates at 1GBs
  • Wireless Network operates up to 300Mbps


  • 12 Servers and over 9TB Disk Space
  • Citrix Apllication Farm

Although we don't provide a dedicated Computer Room or suite, we do offer students access to our Virtual Computer Room. In effect, this allows staff and students to connect to the VCR system and run one of a number of software packages. Although these applications appear to be running on the desktop or laptop, they are in fact running on the Application Servers. This system can be accessed anywhere in the world, providing there is a reasonable speed link in between.

Personal Workstations

The Faculty runs a heterogeneous network of servers, workstations and networked printers. Users to the Faculty are welcome to use the thin client terminals in the Library, or to bring their own laptop into the department. If you would like to use your own computer at Scroope Terrace there are some things you must do first:

  • All users must also undertake to take all reasonable steps to keep their operating system and anti-virus software up-to-date whilst their computer is connected to the Cambridge network. Cambridge has not been immune to the recent worm/virus outbreaks on the Internet and so routine computer maintenance is in everybody's interests. Stan is happy to advise on how to do this.
  • You should ensure that your computer has an RJ45 ethernet connector or wireless networking support (802.11a/b/g/n) and that your computer can accept the European standard 220-240V voltage. It may also be necessary to invest in a travel adaptor for a British standard plug with three square pins.
  • Disclaimer: Whilst we will do everything we can to support your computer, we cannot guarantee to support particularly exotic pieces of hardware and software.


The Faculty has a number of black and white and colour photocopiers, printers and plotters that are available to staff and students. Printers offer page sizes from A5 to A3 and for larger sizes a range of plotters are also available for use in the self-serice Reprographics Room in the basement of the Faculty. Print credit must be added to a user account before printing can take place. This can be done at the Faculty Office or through a member of the Digital Services team.

Classrooms/Lecture Rooms

All classrooms and lecture rooms are furnished with permanently mounted digital data projectors and in addition, some rooms have slide projectors installed. The Faculty also has a number of mobile data projectors for use elsewhere in the Faculty.

Application Software

A number of application packages are utilised by students during their time with us. The mix and range of software is reviewed each year during the long vacation, but currently these include:

  • Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher)
  • Microsoft Project
  • Sketchup Pro V8 
  • Bentley MicroStation
  • Illustrator
  • Mathematica V8
  • Acrobat Professional
  • Photoshop
  • SketchUp
  • VectorWorks
  • InDesign
  • IES VE
  • Autodesk 3DS Max Design
  • Autodesk Ecotect 
  • Autodesk Revit

Some packages are made available for the students to install on their own laptops, others are accessible via the Faculty’s Application Servers.