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The Faculty of Architecture and History of Art


The Faculty has set up a new Equality and Diversity Committee that is responsible for the implementation of the action plans arising out of the Athena Swan Bronze Award and for considering ways to continue to embed a culture of inclusivity, equality and diversity. The Chair of the Committee is Dr Ronita Bardhan. Staff in the Faculty can read the committee minutes on Moodle. Terms of Reference for the committee will be available soon, and will include the support for the progression for all protected groups.


University Equality and Diversity Policy


The School Council agreed at its November 2020 meeting that all staff in the School should undertake the following Equality and Diversity Training. 

Personal and Professional Development training can be found here.

Inclusive teaching

There is a wealth of information on inclusive teaching on the Disability Resource Centre website, under Teaching Disabled Students. You can also find the recording lectures agreement there, and the latest Code of Practice for Disabled Students which includes three adjustments agreed by the General Board for Education

  • permit the student to make an audio recording of lectures, seminars or supervisions for their own use; (A recording agreement sets out the terms under which this permission is granted)
  • provide the student with electronic copies of lecture materials in advance, for their own use, when available;
  • provide directed reading lists differentiating between ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ items.

There is also a building access guide giving information on accessibility around the University estate.

Building Access

The Faculty acknowledges that Scroope Terrace as a historic building is not ideal for physical access, however there is a level access route through the back of the building and a lift to all floors. For further information regarding the University Estate see the Disability Resource Centre Access Guide.

The Equality and Diversity Officer for the Faculty is Dr Ronita Bardhan. If you wish to contact her about Equality and Diversity then email

Our Faculty Wellbeing advocate is Mrs Tanya Zhimbiev